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  • OT4-1 Titanium Sheet  ASTM B265
OT4-1 Titanium Sheet  ASTM B265

OT4-1 Titanium Sheet ASTM B265

  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi BaoJi China (Mainland)
  • Application:Industry
  • Thickness:0.8-2.5mm
  • Width:200mm(min)
  • Length:6000mm(normal szie)
  • Technique:Cold Rolled, hot rolled
  • Grade:TC1,OT4-1,Ti-2Al-1.5Mn
  • Brand Name:EL Titanium
  • Standard:ASME SB265 ASTM B265
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Ti-2Al-1.2Mn Titanium Sheet, Ot4-1 Titanium Sheet, ASTM B265

Ti-2Al-4.5Mn Titanium Sheet Manufacturers and Suppliers

Ot4-1/Ti-2Al-1.5Mn is a kind of high strenght titanium alloy.

With ultimate tensile strength at and above 590 Mpa, Ti-2Al-1.5Mn titanium has good weldability, strength, ductility and formability.
The applications are as follows:
•  Architecture
•  Power generation
•  Medical industry
•  Hydro-carbon processing
•  Marine industry
•  Exhaust pipe shrouds
•  Airframe skin
•  Desalination
•  Chemical processing
•  Chlorate manufacturing

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