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  • Titanium Clad Copper Busbar
Titanium Clad Copper Busbar

Titanium Clad Copper Busbar

Titanium Clad Copper Busbar

Because of corrosion resistant ability, Titanium Clad Copper Busbar is now widely used in electrolysis industry. 

With great weld ability for connecting, capping and joining, Titanium Clad Copper Busbar can be cut to length and packaged and producing different shape and size to meet customers request. 


Busbars are also available in with Aluminum (Al Clad Cu), Zirconium (Zr Clad Cu), and Stainless (SS Clad Cu) cladding.

Specifications for EL Titanium Clad Copper Busbar

Round Rod

Dia 8 mm - Dia 50 mm 


10 mm-30 mm


Width 20-150 mm, thickness 5 mm-30 mm


Dia 2 mm - Dia 8 mm

Available Length

Accept customized size

Typical Ti Thickness*

1 mm-3 mm


Application of Titanium clad copper Busbar:

1. Chemical industry

2. Petrochemical industry

3. Machining field, Automobile field, etc

4. Desalination of sea water

5. Textile printing and dyeing

6. Mobile phone component field

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